Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Spent an interesting evening last night at a meeting of Cardiff Writers' Circle, for whom I was asked to adjudicate their annual article writing competition. The group's been in existence for going-on sixty years and is made up of writers of a wide range of backgrounds and experience - last night's Chairperson, Jo Verity, for example, has a third novel coming out with Honno in January.

Usually I'm on the other side of the fence, so to speak, entering poetry competitions and struggling to work out what might appeal to a particular judge (as outlined in a previous blog post and discussion). So it was fascinating to have to write a short critique on all the entries, select a winner and two runners-up, and so gain an insight into the whole adjudication process.

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At November 9, 2008 at 5:35 PM , Blogger Mistlethrush said...

Sounds like a very prestigious Writing Circle with you and Verity in it.

At November 10, 2008 at 12:35 PM , Blogger Susan Richardson said...

I'm not actually a member of the Circle, Carol - they just invite writers along three times a year to judge their various competitions. But, yes, having Jo Verity as a member does indeed make it a prestigious group!


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